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Introduction:  This page has been created to help members of the California Positive Environments, Network of Trainers (PENT).  Over time, more information will be added to make your experience of accessing the PENT website go ( as smoothly as possible.  Below you will find a list of topics. 

Feel free to write me if you have particular needs or wish to provide feedback



You will need to have Flash or Adobe Reader running on your computer to view most Tutorials.
If you need a specific tutorial in QuickTime (MOV) or Windows (WMV) formats, send me an email.
If I receive enough requests, I will post files in these additional formats.



I have trouble accessing Word Forms This short Flash video will help you lock and unlock PENT forms. It will help you if you cannot figure out how to make the check boxes work, need to add text or change fonts or colors.  Click here 
I am having problems accessing my PENT Emails. You should get your own Gmail (Google) email account.  This is free and a highly convenient, simple, and very powerful way for your to keep all of your PENT Emails in one place.  You will still be able to forward them to either your school/agency or private email, plus you can be notified on your computer (even your phone) whenever a hot, new PENT email has arrived.  Don't worry if you feel overwhelmed, I will set this up for you if you provide me with just a little information.  Click here
I would like to have a separate email account for storing and searching for them
I am confused about the difference between Outlook, web browsers, and web-mail Outlook, Outlook Express, and Mail (Macs) are all computer-based versions of email.  That means that your machine downloads the emails from a main server.  You can only receive email on that particular machine (unless you have special synchronizing features available).

If you have Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, or other "browser-based" or "web-based" emails, it means that you can access them from any computer.  It is possible to have both web-based and desktop based-email.  In a future tutorial I will review how to accomplish that.