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I am a clinical psychologist licensed in California (PSY10598), Hawaii (PSY 1478), and Massachusetts (PY4135). Below, you can find out much more about my practice specialities. Briefly, I mostly work with students, parents, and schools in the areas of social learning (social skills), teaching and training, and assessment. The primary diagnoses I treat include ADHD, ASD, ODD, plus anxiety disorders. I provide a range of services to schools, including live training and self-paced learning. I also provide technology consultation to practices and organizations.

My primary work occurs in California. However, I also travel, primarily for expert case assessments, trainings and consultations related to my company, BehaviorTech Solutions, Inc.

My education and training occurred at UCLA, Florida State University, and Boston Children's Hospital. I was Chief Psychologist of the Inpatient Psychiatry Division at Cedars-Sinai and have been on the PENT Leadership Team through the California Department of Education working with school districts throughout the state since 2003.

I am certified as a Nonpublic Agency through the California Department of Education, and serve as a vendorized Regional Center provider.

If you have any questions or are seeking services, please feel free to contact me or my staff by using our contact form.

Current Services

LUNCH Groups®
Social Learning Programs

We have programs for lower and upper elementary, middle, high school students, and adults 18-24 having treated over 2,000 students and adults. More information is available at Our programs meet twice monthly during the school year and more intensive programs are available for summer. We focus on multiple aspects of social functioning, including academic readiness, technology mindfulness, social competence, pragmatics, executive functioning, environmental awareness, and selected daily living skills.

Parent Consuiltation

Dr. Gale has developed a comprehensive consultation model to help parents who are trying to understand and address social and emotional difficulties that impact their children. Services may include family consultation, brief individual treatment, parent consultation, school consultation, and if helpful, development of a customized system that both tracks progress at home and school and helps students better understand their behavior.

IEE/Assessment Services

Dr. Gale has been conducting psychoeducational and functional behavior assessments and providing expert testimony for over 30 years and has worked with approximately 65 school districts. He is certified as a nonpublic agency with the CA Dept of Education. 

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